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Taiwan, a small island located towards the East of China, is considered as one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Taiwan is home to bustling vibrant cities, modern buildings, great national parks, lively night markets, etc. Besides, with beautiful water bodies, incredible scenery, stunning temples, stunning array of delicious cuisines, there is no lack of best places to visit in Taiwan. Especially, the Taiwanese, who always proudly uphold their independence, are very friendly and welcoming tourists. Taiwan should be on everyone’s travel list. If you are looking for a holiday destination in Taiwan, China tours from cruise port will offer many good choices that can reach your needs.

Kaohsiung Shore Excursions

Kaohsiung Shore Excursions

Taipei Tours from Cruise Port

Taipei Shore Excursions

Hualien Tour from Cruise port

Hualien Shore Excursions

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