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Is China Safe to visit China Shore Excursions

Serving over 100 million visitors a year, China has never been a black spot of danger for tourists. Generally, China is a safe place to travel. However, it is necessary to be prepared all the time. As theft, scam, traffic accidents could happen to anyone. Read along to know what to prepare for a safe trip in this country of wonders.

Is China Safe Now For Traveling?

The good news is that now it is the safest time to visit China. With safety improvements put into action by the government in order to prepare for some major international events like the 2008 Beijing Olympics or the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, security in China attractions sites is much better than in the past.
It is also worth mentioning the magical growth of the Chinese economy since the end of the previous century, which helps create more jobs and decrease homeless and crime rates.

Is it Safe to Travel China Alone As a Female
However, as big cities became more crowded, the risk of pick-pocketing and scamming also increase. Foreign travelers should be aware of this.
An increase in traffic accidents is another consequence of population growth in China. The traffic fatality rate in China is quite high with pedestrians, bicycle, and scooter rider share the highest risk. Therefore, it is best to have travel insurance on your trip to China.

Is it Safe to Travel China Alone?

A journey to discover China wonders is amazing even when you travel alone. However, here are a few things for lone travelers to be safe on their China trip.
• Always let at least one person know exactly where you are going. It could be your family, your friend or the receptionist at your hotel.
• When staying in a hostel, take extra precautions for your personal belongings, especially valuable items.
• Going out for a drink? Don’t get too drunk, or you will become the target for pickpockets and scammers.
• Ask for help from the locals, you will be surprised to see how the Chinese are friendly and willing to help.

Is it Safe to Travel China Alone As a Female?

Generally, solo female travelers won’t have to worry much about safety in China as women are well respected in this country. You can walk on the streets, take public transport and go out drinking at night without the need for a companion. Some say they occasionally get a stare or catcalling, but very rarely.
In conclusion, if you apply precautions as mentioned above, a safe trip in China is in the palm of your hand.

Safety Concerns in China for American Travelers

The relationship between China and the US has not always been a sweet affair. In addition, recent trade wars also add up to the existing problem. Several incidents where US travelers were prevented from returning home cause the US State Department to raise the travel advisory for traveling to China at the beginning of 2019.
However, those instances should not be taken seriously as they are very rare. American travelers only need to be aware of their surroundings and respect local laws and social customs. Pay special attention to the restricted freedom of speech and strict security control. This means that you should never mention sensitive political topics or attend demonstrations.

It is Safe to Travel by Taxi in China?

Traveling by taxi in China is safe and affordable most of the time, and the chance of you having a nice ride will increase if the following tips are applied:
– Don’t take unlicensed taxis to avoid being overcharged. Look for official, colored cabs with brand names. Carefully inspect the cab’s meter when you get in to spot fake ones.
– If the driver offers a flat price, deny. Most of the time, it will be more than the actual price you have to pay on a regular meter.
– Tell the hotel staff about your journey and ask for a price recommendation before setting off to get an idea about how much you will have to pay.
– Prepare the address of your destination in Chinese to make sure you’ll arrive at the right place.
– Ask for a receipt or remember the license plate after your ride in case you need to report forgotten personal belongings.

Safety Tips for China Tour

Are Food and Drinks in China Safe for Consumption?

Nowadays, it can be said with confidence that food and drinks in China are pretty safe. However, if you are afraid of getting an upset stomach, you can follow these pieces of advice:
– Don’t drink the tap water. Instead, choose bottled or boiled water if you want to reduce plastic waste.
– Choose dishes made from fresh and seasonal ingredients.
– Raw fruit and vegetables should be washed thoroughly and have the outer skin removed.
– When trying out street food, choose stalls that prepare food right in front of you or choose the freshly made ones.

Safety Tips for China Food